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Meet Jane 

Speaker, Teacher, Author, Medium,
Conscious Entrepreneur 

Jane Dawson has a BIG passion in life, which is to uplift YOU, bring healing to your heart, and to empower you to live your best and happiest life. 

Since she had the amazing experience of ‘meeting’ her dead father during the difficult birth of her son....

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"Jane has the unique ability to mix spirituality and science to assist and guide you in your life transformation. She is also an accomplished speaker who blends her natural sense of humour with her strong spiritual knowledge."

Dr David Hamilton 

Speaker & Hay House author

"Jane Dawson has a wonderful connection with the Spirit world and is able to provide amazing soul led guidance. If you're looking for loving, lasting transformation in your life then she's your ‘go to’ woman."

Janey Lee Grace

BBC R2 presenter and author

"Jane Dawson has a wonderful quality in lighting up the room. With her evidential proof of the afterlife she helps unite people with their loved ones on the other side and leaves them feeling light and happy. She's down to earth, to the point and she'll make you laugh!"

Kyle Gray

Worldwide Angel Expert and author

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  • Heal your grief and discover natural ways to lift anxiety and depression.

  • Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides, who can assist you in every aspect of life.

  • Learn to meditate simply and effectively, which has many proven benefits for mind and body. 

  • Heal yourself in mind, body and Spirit. 

  • Be empowered to live a happier, more abundant and fulfilled  life.

  • Learn how to create miracles in your life and manifest anything you desire. 

  • Improve relationships, including the most important one.. with yourself!

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