Where is Heaven and what is it like?

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So many of us hold the belief that Heaven is somewhere above the clouds, where an authoritative, paternal God figure sits on his golden throne surrounded by Angels.

Furthermore, there are golden gates, which are manned by St Peter who decides which souls can come in and which are condemned to burn in Hell for Eternity.

Eeek how incredibly scary, and how incredibly inaccurate!

I can tell you for sure that Heaven is a state of being, where our full focus is on the non physical realms (Heaven) instead of focused on a human life on planet Earth.

It is a state of consciousness where your soul is part of the blissful love of all that is, or God or the Creator, if you prefer those terms.

When your human body dies, your soul energy is absorbed back into all that is, leaving behind all physical thoughts, worries and discomforts.

However, your soul energy in Heaven retains it's human individuality, complete with every thought, word, feeling and experience you had in that life. This is how mediums can provide information about someone who has passed over.

Everyone you knew during your human life is there, and you are entirely able to blend with your loved ones on planet Earth, and continue to be part of their day to day life.

We are so scared of dying and death, but truly there is no need. Heaven is such a beautiful, joyful state of being that we should not dread it, rather welcome it as another step on our eternal soul journey. And if you lose fear of death, then what else is there to really fear?

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Jane x

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