What is a Personal Consultation with Jane like?

I love and cherish my community so much - this means YOU!

I’m always interested to hear your feedback about what I give to you  and how it helps you to feel healed and uplifted.

I know many of my community wonder what it’s like to have a one to one session with me, as I converse with the Universe to address your life’s desires and challenges.

Well, let me try to summarise this totally enlightening experience for you;

PS.. If you prefer to watch videos over reading you can also watch my Youtube video on this subject by clicking here.

Firstly it’s fun and high vibe ,it definitely does not contain negativity or any information which is not going to inspire and empower you to lead a happier , more fulfilled life.

During your personal session, I will tell you exactly what the Universe wants you to know! The Universe contains all beings who have every lived on planet Earth, or plan to do so, the Angels, Spirit guides and other benevolent beings we can only guess at.

You may have many lightbulb moments during the session, which enable permanent soul shifts and healing, and can lead to total life transformation, depending on the action you’re willing to take.

You can ask questions about any area of your life and it's a good idea to write down your thoughts and questions before the session, as this will prompt you to think about issues which you really need to enquire about, whilst getting your Spirit helpers 'on the job' in advance of your meeting.

If you have a particular loved one in Heaven that you wish to hear from then it can be helpful, but not necessary, to provide a photo. I will do her absolute best to provide a strong connection with your loved one, and she can also teach you how to connect with your loved one yourself in your session, if you wish (one hour or longer sessions only).

If you would like to book a course of personal sessions to provide ongoing support during your life transformation, then just drop me a message or email and we can discuss the options.

I hope this has helped.. and remember you can always ask Spirit beings for help, they never say NO! Just open your mind and be aware of their subtle responses.

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Until next time, much love from my heart to yours.

Jane x