Is George Floyd’s death mentally killing you?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Well 2020 has been quite the year so far! First we had Covid complete with lockdown, which prompted a huge fear pandemic, then we had the awful George Floyd incident, followed by major league protesting and rioting in many first world countries. People are wondering where on Earth it will all end?

Many people have been seriously affected by the path of 2020 so far. Yes, some have been affected physically by COVID-19, but many millions have suffered mentally due to the non stop angst that all these events have brought.

Prescriptions for anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs have risen by 30% in the UK since the start of the Covid pandemic, an indication of people’s real mental suffering.

If you are one of the many many hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering from increased stress and anxiety, and living with the very unpleasant physical and mental symptoms which accompany this mental state, then I’d like to give you some simple options to address these issues.

You really, really need to stop watching the news and stay off social media, two major purveyors of BAD news. Bad things are happening in the world for sure, but there are many more awesome and fantastic things happening which are never reported. There is no need for you to focus on the bad stuff. Your anxiety levels shoot sky high as you focus on these things, that does not help you or the negative situation you are giving your attention to. So, make the conscious choice to focus away from it.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the law of attraction, this inescapable law rules everything that happens in the Universe. The basic premise of the law of attraction is

‘ like attracts like’ and ‘where thought goes energy flows’, so you can see why I’m suggesting turning off the TV and severely limiting your exposure to social media. Unless you’re watching cute kitties, cute kids or something incredibly funny, which takes me to my next point.

Find something that distracts your mind from world events. Read a book, watch something funny on Netflix, meet or zoom with a friend but agree not to discuss current events, just chitchat about things closer to home, drink coffee and laugh laugh laugh.

If you’re home alone, find something to do that takes your mind off current events. Many people are baking nowadays, and lockdown has had the benefit of allowing people to pick up long forgotten or perhaps new pastimes and hobbies. Anything that absorbs your mind is really going to help your stress levels.

That takes me to my next point - your mind desperately needs a rest from negativity. Make it your priority to give it a rest. You can do this by having a little nap, by learning how to meditate ( there is nothing complicated about meditating, it’s merely a case of closing your eyes, following your breath, and when unwanted thoughts arise just ignore them and let them float away).

Another great then you can do is exercise You will probably be aware that exercise boosts the feel good hormones in your brain, and it also allows you to focus away from anxious and stressful thoughts. If you’re working up any sort of a sweat you will be definitely be more focused on your body than events that are happening hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Notice how young children are always in the moment They are not worrying about anything or anyone else as they play or go about their day.

It is the same with dogs and cats they’re only concerned about being comfortable being safe, being loved and being fed. You are providing all of that, you are a hero to them!

Do you know the only thing we can control in this life is our thoughts. We may not be able to control what pops into our head at first, but we can choose how much focus and attention we give these thoughts. It is possible to stamp on unwanted thoughts as soon as you start thinking them, it just takes some practice.

Look for little things that uplift you, maybe a gorgeous flower, maybe a sip of coffee, maybe a beautiful view or a piece of art, maybe even meeting someone who has naturally high energy.

When you allow upliftment into your mind, your thoughts will naturally be uplifted and you will naturally focus less on things that make you feel anxious and unhappy.

Lastly, please be conscious of what you eat and drink. If you pay attention to your body it will tell you what it needs. What it doesn’t need is loads of high-fat, high sugar food, washed down with a gallons of alcohol. All things are fine in moderation for sure, but when you eat a balanced diet this really helps your mind body and spirit to be in tune.

I hope this simple but highly effective methods help you please do let me know.

Much love until we speak again.

Jane x