In the Beginning

Twenty years ago I was not a happy woman, in fact I was deeply unhappy.

I was suffering terribly through lack of self love and self esteem, caused by childhood trauma. This meant that I made many poor decisions in life, the latest being pregnant at the age of 39, to a new partner whom I already knew was NOT the right man for me.

My life was full of stress and unhappiness with two other pre teenage daughters, a full time job and sick parents. I could not see any light at the end of my dark tunnel.

Newly pregnant with my third child, I discovered that my beloved father had lung cancer for the second time, and this time it was terminal.. he would never meet my unborn baby.

Devastated and exhausted, I sunk into a spiral of deeper and deeper misery.

Little did I know at that time, the impending death of my beloved dad was going to change my world, belief system and future dramatically and permanently.

As you can imagine, my world was turned upside down when my much loved father’s battle with lung cancer ended, and he passed away during my pregnancy.

However three months later, during the very traumatic birth of my son, just at the point I was about to give up - I could actually sense my soul separating from body, this incredible event happened. My father ‘showed up’ to assure me that all was well and to prove that he was still very much alive, just in another dimension.

Since that incredible meeting of spirits - mine in this world, my father in another and my unborn son between the two, I have had my spiritual abilities completely awakened, and have undergone such incredible healing, that and I’m able to see into people's souls and to connect with their loved ones who've passed, their personal spirit helpers and Angels.

Now, I am truly blessed to work internationally, giving high vibe Spiritual guidance and mediumistic consultations. I have also written a book about my experience and what I’ve learned, which I now teach to others.

During my journey I have discovered a little known truth:

We are all able to communicate with our loved ones and others in Heaven.

In my book, and through my online presence and seminars, I will teach you exactly how to do this, whilst de-bunking the many myths surrounding spirit communication, which I consider to be completely normal and natural.

I have also learned so much about loving relationships, especially the most important one.. with yourself. I will assist you with all of this and how to enjoy amazing relationships with others and with the Spirit world.

I’m so happy to welcome you to my community and look forward to sharing knowledge on the following and more:

1. Understand what happens when we die,

2. Know for certain that life does continue after physical death, just in a different form,

3. Reconnect with loved ones who have 'passed on' to feel the warmth of their pure spiritual love. heal your grief, or to settle unfinished business.

4. Understand the reasons why we are dealt this hand in life , and know the bigger soul picture behind it.

5. Learn practical ways to open your heart to love to heal your life, your emotions and your body,

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Until the next time, I’m sending so much love from my heart to yours.

Jane x