Am I Psychic?

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If you’ve ever wondered if you are psychic or highly intuitive, I can tell you that the answer is a resounding YES, albeit we all have different levels of this sixth sense.

If you've ever had a feeling of something that's about to happen which has then come to pass, chances are you could be experiencing the flourishing of your psychic power, which is a natural component of the human experience.

Here are some signs that your natural guidance system is re-awakening;

1. Visions when you're falling asleep/waking up

2. Seeing auras - coloured energy fields that surround the body

3. Hearing voices, or feeling the emotions of others

4. Gut feelings that turn out to be accurate

5. Clear, colourful and vivid dreams

Like any other inherent skill, there are ways to develop psychic abilities in order to practice with confidence and receive clearer soul guidance.

Sixth sense tendencies can manifest in different ways depending on the person, and are often just a ‘knowingness’, which are only too easy to ignore, usually to your detriment.

It’s actually very simple to to hone your intuition, and I’ll be offering ways to do that in future blogs, in social media and in workshops & seminars.

Working with an experienced mentor or teacher always helps and reassures on your psychic journey.

You may also find it useful to start keeping a journal as a way to connect with your thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Remember your intuition is a God given gift and definitely nothing to fear.

Until next time, much love from my heart to yours.

Jane x

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