Monthly Sessions

It is Jane’s joy to help you live the happiest and most fulfilled life possible. She does this by channelling her natural Spiritual gifts  of counselling, spiritual guidance and healing, through her incredible partnership with those loving beings in the non physical realms. The love these beings have for you is pure and infinite, and it’s their soul purpose to care exclusively for you and your wellbeing.  She wants to make her incredible gifts and faculties available and affordable for everyone, so she does this by offering affordable online group sessions.

You can choose from one of the following choices best suited to you! 

Currently running at the very low price of £19.99 per month or the discount yearly price of £220.00.

You will be invited to a private Facebook group, where Jane will offer live guidance and answer your questions every week. Besides that, you will have the support of like minded new friends, and be the focus of the unseen world’s constant flow of love.

Angel Therapy
Let the Angels bless you with their uplifting, healing energy and offer loving guidance from their soul to yours.  The experience of blending with your guardian Angel is particularly special and often life changing,  with the removal of blocks which are preventing you from fully enjoying and experiencing your life to the max.

Hello from Heaven 
Join Jane as she brings the ‘two worlds‘ together and delivers loving, healing messages directly from your loved ones in Heaven, straight to you in your own home. Tears and laughter guaranteed! 

Converse with the Universe 
Something on your mind? Ask your questions to YOUR Spirit guides and all the loving Universal beings who wish to converse with you. Guaranteed high vibe directional guidance on any life topic. 

The Healing Hour 
As we gather together all the Heavenly Healers & Angels will join us and heal you from the inside out. All you need to do is get comfortable, relax and enjoy the experience. Miracles DO happen everyday, and there’s no reason why one shouldn’t happen for you.

Natural Weight Loss 
Have you been struggling with your weight for forever, perhaps yo-yoing up and down the scales for decades. Time to put an end to that, as Jane brings forward those Spiritual beings who wish to assist you with this process. Absolutely no dieting or weighing yourself required - in fact you can throw your scales away! Expect to hear people telling you that you look as if you’ve lost weight within weeks. Yes, it’s really that easy and effortless.

Boost your Fertility
Trying to get pregnant? 
Join Jane and the Fertility Angels and Spirit doctors as they work with you to maximise your chances of conceiving that much longed for baby. We will work with you no matter if your doctor tells you that you can’t get pregnant or if you’re already on an IVF program. Jane was told at age 21 that she would never get pregnant due to blocked Fallopian tubes. At age 25 she got (naturally) pregnant with her first child, and now has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Miracles happen ALL the time, and they can happen for you too! 

Calling in your Soulmate
Looking for that amazing life partner? We’ll work with the Romance, Love and Marriage  Angels to help remove the blocks which are preventing you from finding your special someone. We’ll also give you specific guidance on actions to take to dramatically and quickly rocket you toward finding your ‘other half’ quickly and easily. Prepare to be astonished and delighted by the results working with these energies can bring. 

If you want more personal time with Jane, do look out for the more intimate membership groups being launched soon.

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