Meet Jane

Speaker, Teacher, Author, Medium,Conscious Entrepreneur 

Jane Dawson has a BIG passion in life, which is to uplift YOU, bring healing to your heart, and to empower you to live your best and happiest life. 

Since she had the amazing experience of ‘meeting’ her dead father during the difficult birth of her son, she has been able to communicate with other loving Spirit beings.

This means that she can blend with YOUR soul energy, and work closely with your loved ones in Spirit, your guides, your Angels and other loving beings, who wish to impart loving, high vibe guidance to you.

She has worked with thousands of people worldwide, in personal consultations and from the stage, and she has received many amazing testimonials from grateful clients, explaining how their lives have transformed and their hearts healed. 

Jane is also a manifestation expert, and her hugely successful life is built upon the Law of Attraction, the same law which has brought you here!  


And you have arrived here for a reason, as your Soul knows that there are no coincidences, only synchronicities in our Universe. 

"Expect magic to happen when you fully embrace your Spirit!"

Jane Dawson