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If you're ready to book a personal session with Jane then you should be aware that you're not booking a flimsy 'psychic' reading, but rather a powerful, insightful and transformational experience, best suited to those who are really ready to move forward in life, and willing to play their part in making their wonderful life transformation happen.


Jane is able to tap into the Universal energy and communicate with non-physical beings in the other realms. This enables her to perceive information both forwards and backwards in time, allowing predictive forecasts  to be given when appropriate, and to establish the root cause of issues which have always restrained you or caused dis-ease or unhappiness in your life. She will also provide vital information to facilitate your immediate healing and provide that longed for forward movement towards your dream life.


During your personal consultation with Jane, she will tell you in a kindly but direct manner exactly what the Universe wants you to know. To do this she will connect with your personal essence or soul energy,  your loved ones in Heaven,  your Spirit helpers and Angels, and any other beings who wish to assist you from their higher perspective in the 'other realms'.


They may provide healing insights from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, with a strong emphasis on healing, hope and transformation throughout.


During the session you may well hear stunning information which will amaze you and cause you to have many lightbulb moments, prompting total and permanent soul shifts and healing.


You can ask questions about any area of your life and it's a good idea to write down your thoughts and questions before the session, as this will prompt you to define the  issues which you really need to enquire about, whilst getting your Spirit helpers 'on the job ' in advance of our session.


If you have a particular loved one in Heaven that you wish to hear from then it can be helpful, but not necessary, to provide a photo. Jane will do her absolute best to provide a strong connection with your loved one. She can also teach you how to connect with your loved one yourself during your session (one hour or longer sessions only).


If you would like to book a course of personal sessions to provide ongoing support during your life transformation, then just email Jane using the 'contact us' box for further information.


Jane offers personal sessions via Skype, FaceTimeFB messenger, Whatsapp, Viber or  telephone.

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