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Jane Dawson is an internationally acclaimed personal transformation expert, Spirit Communicator and host of the weekly show ‘Transformation Tuesday’.


She has recently published her first book ‘Be Your Own Medium And Reconnect With Your Loved Ones In Heaven’ to rave reviews. She is a renowned speaker, demonstrator and teacher as well as an experienced business woman and entrepreneur.


Regular appearances in the media have cemented her reputation as a contemporary thought leader and ‘go to’ expert in her field. In person or on paper, Jane delivers her message of perspective, hope and healing with her trademark compassionate candor, which is accompanied by a large dose of down to earth practicality and humor. She has a positive, upbeat personality which seems to elevate those who she has contact with.


She’s known for her laser-sharp, intuitive insights and amazing link with the Spirit realms – she can bring audiences ranging from private clients to packed international venues  to tears of laughter, joy and reconnection.


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